Notice of Right to Opt-Out

As part of your use of our services, we may sell or disclose your personal information that we obtain from your use of our services, such as identifiers and inferences drawn from any other information. Our services are dependent on the type of operating system your device is supported by.

For android users, you will need to provide your Advertising Identifier to enable us to complete your request. The steps for finding your Advertising Identifier and turning off ad personalization are generally the same for all versions of Android, although things may vary slightly. Head to Settings > Google > Ads and copy the value presented in the field titled ‘Advertising identifier’ and please submit to us as the Identifier as part of your request below. Should you also want to make sure to opt-out of ads personalization, you can do so from this screen. Or, on other versions of Android, it might say “Opt-out of interest-based ads” and you may find a toggle switch or checkbox to enable it.

For iOS users, head to Settings > General > Profile > look for the Configuration Profile. This is also where you can delete any unwanted profiles, but before you do that, head over to your Mail App and open an email from that source (example: thecouponshop). Click the text next to To: and you will see an email address listed as ‘other’. Please copy that email address and submit to us as the Identifier as part of your request below.

Please also provide the name of the operating system your device is supported by (for example, Chrome or iOS) as part of your request below, and click the submit button.

If you would like to learn more about our collection and use of your information and your choices associated with such, please see our Privacy Policy at You may also contact us at to request the opt-out of the sale of your personal information.

Submit Request to Opt-Out

I understand that this opt-out will only apply to my personal information collected as a result of my interaction with the website or application which is the source of the Identifier provided and the device used to submit this request.