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Elite Web Holding

A simple case study of web push notification monetization done right.

Freebies FrenzyElite Web Holding is a content oriented publisher who operates, a site providing their users with the latest freebies, samples, giveaways and deals which are available from various companies and sites that offer the products. Subscribers receive the Freebies Frenzy newsletter and all offers free of charge.

ReachMobi is the only web push notifications solution focused on monetization. There is no cost to publishers to utilize ReachMobi’s service.

Elite Web Holding was interested in how ReachMobi could help expand and monetize their brand.

The Goal

The challenge to ReachMobi was to enable Freebies Frenzy to increase revenue without sacrificing the extreme care they had historically shown their user base.

“Since we began utilizing ReachMobi’s Web Push Notification service in 2016, has gathered over 40,000 new subscribers without any additional cost,”Nick DeStefano, Elite Web Holding, parent company of

Initial Concerns

One of the chief concerns was how the increased ad volume might affect subscriber attrition.

“We’ve generated nearly 400,000 impressions on the content placed in web push notifications and nearly the same on ReachMobi’s monetization notifications, all of which while maintaining an unsubscribe rate of less than 3%!”Nick DeStefano, Elite Web Holding, parent company of

Another important concern was the amount of additional resources that might be required to manage push notification campaigns. However, this was a non-issue because ReachMobi provides complete campaign management for its web push notification clients.

“ReachMobi’s full service partnership gives us access to a dedicated Account Manager who helps us maintain updated content, stay on top of performance, and explore innovative growth initiative. Not only do we have access to ReachMobi’s industry leading supply of advertisers, that supply is managed by a ReachMobi Campaign Manager who keeps our offers fresh, finds performance wins, and keeps a high priority on user experience,”Nick DeStefano, Elite Web Holding, parent company of

The Solution

Implementation of the ReachMobi JavaScript took less than five minutes for Freebies Frenzy to begin sending push notifications.

ReachMobi’s campaign management team helped set up a drip campaign schedule, as well as user segmentation. ReachMobi’s user segmentation monitored past engagement, source, days out, responder and non-responder. This helped ensure best practices and optimization of Freebies Frenzy campaigns.

“The opt in rates have been excellent, averaging over 15%. Through ReachMobi’s Web Push service, we can send daily content and re-engagement notifications which have substantially increased our users’ frequency of visit. This results in higher revenue per user and greater exposure of our on-page ad units,” Nick DeStefano, Elite Web Holding, parent company of

The Result

After adding web push notifications to its marketing strategy, Elite Web Holding realized that they could enjoy a sizeable and entirely new stream of revenue without impacting their users in any negative way at all.

“This new technology and service has given us a much more effective way to turn our website visitors into subscribers. With a delivery rate over 90% and engagement rates near 30%, it is clear ReachMobi has created a sustainable, engaging, and profitable digital experience.”Nick DeStefano, Elite Web Holding, parent company of

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