Why Every Blogger Needs Web Push Notifications

Learn how web push notifications can help you reach your blog audience better than by email and even more directly than through social media.

Adding to the benefits of web push notifications, is the ability to earn revenue at the same time. Web push notifications are the blogger’s newest tool to improve blogging success.

Okay, you’ve built a successful blog with a loyal audience…

web push notifications blog
You want to keep your audience updated on your latest and greatest content. But there’s a problem…

Like other bloggers, you’re finding that your ability to engage your followers through email is continually diminishing.

Ever-evolving algorithms on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are limiting your daily reach.

Most bloggers have one simple desire…

To reach as many of their followers as possible.

Web push notifications for your blog reachThere’s a good chance that email and social media are not reaching your audience as well as they used to. Changes these platforms make can literally wipe out a huge section of your audience reach or marketing ability overnight.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a marketing channel that was independent of third-party control? One that allows you to reach your audience without suddenly being derailed because of a new implementation of algorithms or operational changes?

Of course it would. Web push notifications are one such a channel.

Web push notifications allow you contact your audience in real-time without any third-party interference. They also allow you to send clickable links, giving you the ability to drive specific subscriber actions.

Why Your Blog Needs Web Push Notifications

Why Your Blog Needs Web Push Notifications
Today’s blogger updates their audience through multiple channels. Primarily, social media channels yield the largest reach. Additionally, each social media channel may have a slightly different audience (Facebook vs. Pinterest vs. Instagram, etc.).

Depending on your niche, your list of email subscribers is likely to be significantly, (if not drastically), smaller than your social media audiences.

The obstacles the blogger faces are that email and social media platforms are controlled by the providers of these services. These providers constantly make changes that affect your ability to reach or connect with your audience.

Email often is routed to spam or junk folders where it is frequently missed by your subscribers.

Social media platforms use algorithms that limit your reach and these change constantly. They also may restrict your content.

While these platforms are a blessing, they also leave the blogger constantly “playing the game” to get around these changes.

It’s frustrating to send an email or post a message that only reaches 10% (or less) of your subscribers or followers.

Web push notifications give you the advantage of reaching all of your subscribers, no matter where they are visiting on the web.


In this article we will cover:

blogger web push notifications
✓ What web push notifications are and how they help bloggers.

✓ How web push notifications give you the ability to send messages to your audience more effectively than by using email or social media.

✓ How by using web push notifications you can reach your audience anywhere they are on the web – not just on your website.

✓ How web push notifications can connect to your audience in real-time and send instant updates.

✓ How browser push notifications reach users on desktop and mobile.

✓ How you can use web push notifications to earn revenue, while showing your audience highly-targeted offers that match your niche, offers your audience will appreciate.

✓ Plus, lots more.


Let’s take a look at what web push notifications can do for bloggers, aiding their ability to reach and/or market to their audience.

Recent data displays the dismal truth about email…

❝Email click rates across industries are averaging between 2-3%.❞

– According to a study by mailchimp,( updated February 2017).

Constant Change & Diminishing Returns

web push for bloggersIn the ever-evolving online world, what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. Such is the case for email.

True, there is still “money in the list.” But email is not the “Swiss Army knife” it used to be. It’s effective in some ways, but has lost its effectiveness in other ways.

Luckily, web push notifications have arrived just in time. They not only fill the failing gap of email , but improve upon and go beyond the abilities of email. Web push notifications are not merely a replacement for email…

Web push notifications are a completely new marketing channel.

Click through rates for web push notifications vs. email are nearly 1000% higher.

❝18-21% of users click through on web push notifications.❞

When web push notifications are segmented and personalized, the results are even more dramatic…

❝Personalized messages see 800% more engagement.❞


What Are Web Push Notifications?

What Are Web Push Notifications?
Web push notifications are messages sent through a web browser. They contain an image (thumbnail), title, description (the message) and a clickable link. The clickable link is a very powerful feature. Messages are brief, generally a maximum of 120 characters (shorter than Twitter).


How Web Push Notifications Are Delivered

howWeb push notifications are sent through web browsers on mobile and desktop devices.

Messages are delivered in real-time.

Web push notifications are unmatched when it comes to delivering time-sensitive and urgent messages.

Unlike email, there is no middleman who will filter or flag your messages as spam. Therefore delivery is virtually 100%.

Because messages are delivered through the web browser itself, the subscriber will receive the message no matter where they are on the web. In other words, they will receive the message whether they are on your website or not.

The powerful ability to deliver messages wherever your subscribers are on the web, makes web push notifications especially effective for remarketing and shopping cart abandonment messages.


Web Push Notifications Have High-Visibility

Web push notifications for your blog are highly visibleWeb push notifications are nearly 100% viewable.

Web push notifications appear at the corner of the web browser. Unlike email, the user doesn’t have to open the message to see it. When sent, notification messages simply become visible, floating directly over the web browser.

The end result is… the manner in which push notifications are implemented within web browsers makes your messages very unlikely to go unseen. They appear over the active browser window, making them hard to ignore.

The subscriber will see the message whenever they are engaged with their web browser. If their web browser is not open when the message is sent, they will see the message the next time they open their web browser.


The Advantages of Web Push Notifications Vs. Email For Bloggers

The Advantages of Web Push Notifications Vs. Email for bloggersHere are a few of the main advantages web push notifications provide over email:

  • No personal information is exchanged. A subscriber clicks “allow” to receive messages.
  • Messages are brief and can be read in a moment’s time.
  • Unlike email, subscribers don’t have to log in, select a message, then open it to read.
  • Messages are delivered in real-time. Both delivery and visibility are nearly 100%. Unlike email, they don’t go ignored.
  • You can reach subscribers instantly, whenever they are using their web browser.
  • You have direct communication with your subscribers. There are no third-parties or filters involved that would delay or block messages or route them to spam/junk folders.
  • User is in full control of subscription and can block messages, forever, at any time.


The Advantages of Web Push Notifications Vs. Social Media For Bloggers

The Advantages of Web Push Notifications Vs. Social Media for bloggersHere are a few of the main advantages web push notifications provide over social media:

  • Reach your entire audience directly, in real-time.
  • Unlike social media, your delivery and reach are not limited by algorithms or operational functions.
  • You can reach subscribers instantly, no matter where they are on the web. This is unlike social media where subscribers would need to be on a specific site.
  • The types of images and content you can deliver is not filtered nor restricted by a third-party.
  • Send unlimited messages. Unlike social media, the amount of messages you send won’t trigger an algorithm to diminish your reach.
  • Monetize your audience with highly-targeted offers that match your specific niche and audience. Segment your audience for more precise relevancy and targeting.


Why Bloggers Need Web Push Notifications – Main Takeaways:

Web push notifications are not a replacement for your email or social media efforts. They should be considered an additional tool to help you reach more of your audience.

Web push notifications can help you reach those that are getting lost between the cracks of unopened email and unreached social media users.
☑ Web push notifications have higher opt-in rates, open rates, and click-through rates than email.

☑ Today’s audiences show a preference for push notifications vs. receiving email. Push notifications take little time and effort to read or interact with.

☑ Web push notifications are available and deliverable for most web browsers, operating systems, desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

☑ Web push notifications allow you to reach your entire audience. Your reach is not limited. Deliverability is nearly 100%. This has significant advantages over both email and social media.

☑ Your messages reach your audience no matter where they are on the web – No matter what website they are visiting.

☑ Web push notifications are nearly 100% viewable. Your messages are difficult to ignore. This is advantageous over email, especially when your messages are urgent or time-sensitive.

☑ Web push notifications can be segmented, allowing you to send the right message to the right audience segment at the right time.

☑ Web push notifications can be monetized to help you earn money to support your blogging efforts.

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