What Web Push Notifications Can Do for Your Business

If you’re a content marketer or operate an e-commerce business, web push notifications are an absolute must to be successful in today’s online marketplace. With open rates and deliverability of email on a steady decline – push notifications are the online marketer’s new best friend.

Here is a brief summary of what Web Push Notifications are, how they differ from app notifications, and how your website visitors subscribe or unsubscribe…

What Are Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are clickable messages sent via the web browser.

Advantages of web push notifications

Web push notifications were introduced in April 2015 by Google Chrome and are now available on most browsers and most operating systems. Prior to that, push notifications were only available via apps. For web marketers, this advance is a game changer.

Web push notifications work very much like their mobile app counterparts. The main difference being that they work on websites instead of apps. The great thing about web push notifications is that you can message your subscribers whether they are on your website or not – even if they are on another website. Web push notifications can be sent to all devices: desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Signing Up Subscribers

An opt-in to receive push notifications is much simpler than email. When a visitor arrives at a designated page on your website, a prompt asks the visitor if they want to receive notifications from your site. If so, the visitor clicks the subscribe button to receive messages. They do not have to submit their email address or any other personal or contact information. Here is an example of a webpage displaying an opt-in screen:

Opt-in Screen

web push notification marketing Opt-in Screen


Unlike email, the subscriber has complete control when it comes to ending their subscription. If they no longer want to receive push notifications, they can click on any notification and block further notifications being sent from that site. For subscribers this is a clear win. For publishers, however, it’s a challenge to consistently ensure that all the messages they send are relevant and compelling, in order to maintain their subscriber’s interest and engagement.
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Now that we’ve covered the basics, if you need to learn more about what web push notifications are and how to send them, read the following article: How to Create Push Notifications: Everything you need to know.

Advantages of Web Push Notifications for Your Business

Removes delivery barriers associated with email

Sending messages through email has its share of obstacles. First, there’s the barrier of the probability that your recipient’s email service provider might route your email into the spam or junk folder. Your recipient may never see it. With web push notifications, your subscriber will always see the messages.

Next, you have to hope your email recipient will open the email in order to read your message. This doesn’t happen with web push notifications, your subscriber will always see the message.

Advantages of Web Push Notifications for Your Business

One crucial point to keep in mind, subscribers receiving push notifications can get “message fatigue” much quicker than email subscribers. This is in part because they cannot ignore messages in the same way they can ignore emails. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not over message your subscribers. More importantly, every message that you do send must be relevant, compelling and delivered with perfect timing.

Successful push notification marketing relies on learning how to develop a push notification marketing strategy.

More timely than email

Consider that many people let email sit for a long time before reading it.

In a study done by Zipstripe, they concluded that “an email sat for an average of 6.4 hours before being viewed.”

Certainly, if you are sending time-sensitive offers this is a problem. This is why sending web push notifications, where messages are viewable the moment you send them, can be much more effective.

Opt-in and click-through rates for web push notifications are huge

Opt-in and click-through rates for web push notifications

“Opt-in rates for iOS and android are 64%, and click through rates are upwards of 40%” according to a study by kahuna.com.

ReachMobi has seen that its publisher clients are achieving similar results. Clients have experienced opt-in rates near 40% and engagement rates in excess of 20%.
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Effective for cross-selling and up-selling

web push-notifications cross-selling and up-selling
This is an area where web push notifications are a win-win for you and the customer. For the customer, you are keeping track of what they have purchased and what they are likely to need next. This saves your customer a lot of research and Wish List work. For you, it ultimately leads to increased sales.

Keep in mind, to do this effectively, it requires well-designed segmentation on your part. The better you can segment your subscribers, the more personalized your notifications can be. It takes some effort, but well worth it.

Helpful for shopping cart abandonment

web push notifications for shopping cart abandonment
Many businesses already employ email to send abandoned shopping cart reminders. The difference is, email easily goes unopened and ignored. With web push notifications your reminders won’t be missed – even if they are visiting another website. Executed well, with perfect timing, these reminders can lead to increased sales.

Subscribers find push notifications helpful

helpful web push notifications

Users appreciate the convenience web push notifications can offer them. Some of the most popular messages users wanted to receive are: special offers (based on their preferences), breaking news alerts, special offers based on their location, and new content (as personalized by their preferences).

Okay, so how does this help your business? Your subscribers are receiving messages they want, as opposed to messages they may not have asked for, as is often the case with email. When subscribers receive messages they want, they are more likely to engage and remain subscribers.

Send perfectly timed messages based on behavior triggers

You can send web push notifications with special and discounts that are triggered when a user engages in a specific activity you have defined.

timing web push notifications for business

For example, they may be browsing your website on a certain page. This could trigger a notification that offers them a 20% discount on an item or items on that page for the next 30 minutes. In another example, if you operate physical locations, when the user is within a certain geographic radius to your location, it can trigger a discount offer.

Higher subscriber satisfaction rates

Happy subscribers are less likely to opt-out. Again, web push notifications outperform email in a huge way…

“Studies have shown that less than 10% of the subscribers who opted for notifications from a site, unsubscribed in a year.”

Web push notifications allow you to send more personalized messaging than you can with email. Users are able to set preferences (providing you include this ability into your messaging system), allowing you a better opportunity to give each user the experience they want.

Younger visitors are more likely to opt-in to push notifications

If you are a business that has a significant amount of younger customers, push notifications can be one of your best methods for reaching them. These types of customers are more likely to prefer receiving push notifications over email.

Create better experiences for your most loyal customers

Web push notifications enable you to send triggered messages, based on user actions, at the most optimal times. You can reward your most loyal customers with timely offers based on their actions. You can also remind them of accrued loyalty points, etc. This can lead to both increased sales and turn these loyal customers into brand advocates.

Easier to reengage less active users

push notifications reengage users
With email, when subscribers decrease their activity it’s difficult, sometimes even impossible, to get them to open or respond to your messages. With web push notifications, your messages get seen whether they are on or off of your website. That offers you the opportunity to give these users incentives to reengage. This might be freebies, discounts or other offers to motivate them to take a desired action.

Less expensive than creating apps

Previously, push notifications were limited to apps. Apps can be costly to create. Web push notifications give you similar functionality without pricey development costs.

The majority of web visitors still use desktop

In 2016, Stat Counter reported that: “In the US, 58% of web visitors still browse on a desktop device.”

While many businesses are rushing to create apps, many are ignoring the fact that they can reach the majority of their visitors simply by using web push notifications.

RSS-to-Push is a huge advantage for content marketers and bloggers

RSS-to-PushThis is a method that sends a message automatically when new content is published on your blog or website.

“Some blogs have seen an increase in click-through rates of over 300% vs. sending notifications via email.”


As email delivery becomes more difficult and open rates show a continual decline across the board for most businesses… The ability to send web push notifications couldn’t come at a better time.

Here are two articles that can help:

How to create push notifications: everything you need to know.

How to develop a push notification marketing strategy.

If you are not including web push notifications as part of your overall online marketing strategy – you need to.

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