Push Notifications — Now You Can Go “Rich”

Rich push notifications are here. Rich-media has finally come to push notifications. This is the game-changing feature marketers have been eagerly awaiting. Push notifications now have the ability to be more eye-catching, captivating and engaging. Rich-media content gives marketers the edge they longed for to differentiate their brand from the crowd.

What Do Rich Push Notifications Offer?

What Do Rich Push Notifications Offer?Rich push gives you the ability to include forms of rich-media in your notifications such as: photos, GIFs, audio and video.

The Challenge of Non-Rich Push Notifications

Non-rich push challenges marketers to perform clever wordsmithing to capture attention. First, you have less space, in terms of character count, than you would even on twitter. Secondly, sometimes your text can get truncated, diminishing your text’s attention-grabbing ability further. Third, when you only have text or text and a thumbnail, often your messages can seem to fade away into the background.

This is where rich-media and rich push notifications come to the rescue.

The Power of Rich Push Notifications

Pictures, or pictures and words certainly can grab our attention better and faster than text alone can. Of course, moving images like GIFs and videos are even more compelling.

Data suggests rich push notifications can increase direct open rates by over 50%.

Doing Rich Push Notifications Right

Doing Rich Push Notifications RightBefore you start blasting out funny animal videos… Hold up. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Whatever you send has to make sense. It has to align with your brand.

Now if that hilarious cat video does align with your brand – by all means send it. If your brand is about fun, then humorous content is in alignment with your brand image.

However, if your brand image is of a more serious tone, then it doesn’t make sense to send silly content all the time. It might begin to make your brand look silly too or confuse your audience.

The main goal of your rich-media content is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for your audience. Your rich-media should consist of whatever is appropriate to increase your audience engagement. The type of content you send should align with your brand image and marketing goals.

Just because you can include video, doesn’t mean you have to or should. Photos may be a perfect fit as effective rich-media for your audience.

Don’t Forget Personalization with Rich Push Notifications

Rich Push Notifications - Don't Forget PersonalizationThere’s no reason to think that rich-media implies that these types of rich push notifications need to be sent to your entire audience – although, sometimes that will be the case.

In the same way that you personalize your text-based push notifications to audience segments, you should also personalize your rich-media content in a similar manner.

Video content may be more effective to one audience segment than another. For example, the segment of your audience that is new to your product may benefit from training or instructional-type videos. Another audience segment may respond well to certain types of visual images.

If your business has physical locations, then personalization through geolocation, might suggest that different rich-media notifications are sent to different segments depending on what kind of specials and deals you have running at those specific locations at that time.

If you are segmenting groups based on past purchases, then different rich-media would be sent to different segments based on what needs to be marketed to those segments.

Test, Test, Test

Rich Push Notifications - Test, Test, TestThe only way to truly determine what is effective for your audience is with repeated A/B testing. You want to test not only your overall audience, but specific segments within your audience as well.

You’ll want to learn what specific types of rich-media increase engagement over others (photos vs. GIFs vs. video), as well as, how engagement differs over various audience segments.

Drilling down deeper, you’ll also want to look at each individual rich-media piece of content itself and how well it engaged your audience. This will guide you on future content creation.


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