On-boarding and Engagement: Push Notifications vs. Email

Compare web push notifications versus email for engagement and on-boarding new subscribers, and find out which is the more effective choice for your marketing.

Web push notifications offer marketers new on-boarding and engagement tools that aren’t available using email. Which method is best? Let’s find out!

Email and web push notifications each have their strengths and weaknesses. In a well rounded marketing strategy, the savvy marketer will want to have every advantage at his or her disposal and use both.

However, in this article, we’re going to focus on only two specific tasks: signing up new subscribers and keeping your subscribers actively engaged.

Push Notification On-boarding

web Push Notification On-boarding

Subscribing to receive web push notifications only takes one click. A popover window appears, asking the visitor if they would like to receive push notifications. They click “allow” and it’s done.


  • On-boarding is easy for new subscribers and takes less than 6 seconds.
  • One click subscription.
  • No personal information is required.
  • Opt-out (forever) is always under the subscriber’s control. Blocking notifications happens at the browser level and the publisher can no longer message the user.

Email On-boarding

Email On-boarding

Subscribing to receive email updates takes several steps:

  • Must give Webmaster personal information (name, email address, sometimes phone number and/or physical address, company name, etc.).
  • Fill in fields in an email form (usually 1 or 2, but often more).
  • Click the submit button.
  • Check your email for confirmation email.
  • Click link in confirmation email to confirm your subscription (double opt-in).
  • To unsubscribe, click link in any previous email from the publisher. May have to wait days or weeks until subscription is stopped. Unscrupulous publishers may choose to disregard your unsubscribe request.


Subscribers can receive longer and more detailed information through email than via push notifications.

Which Gets More Subscribers: Email or Web Push?

Which Gets More Subscribers: Email or Web Push notifications?

According to one study

“Web push notifications have a 15 percent opt-in rate, which is about 10 times higher than email newsletters.”

Engagement with Web Push Notifications

Engagement with Web Push Notifications

  • Messages are delivered in real-time.
  • Messages reach user anytime their web browser is open, no matter where they are on the web. If web browser is closed, message will be received next time user opens the browser.
  • Messages are brief and easy to respond to instantly. (The results of one study showed that 30-40% of subscribers tend to respond immediately).

Web push notifications click-through-rate:

Web push notifications click-through-rate

“New data on push notifications shows click through rates up to 40%”
Andrew Chen

Open rates for web push notifications:

Push notification open rates hover between 50-80%,” according to thanx.com.

Engagement with Email

Engagement with Email

According to one study

“The average email sits for approximately 6.5 hours before it is opened.”

Email click-through-rate:

One study suggests that on average, only 2-3% of subscribers click on email links.

In a study by MailChimp

“The lowest open rates belong to the e-commerce category with only 16%.”

Final Results:

Advantages of web push notifications

Ease of subscriptions:
☑ winner = web push notifications.

Engagement rate:
☑ winner = web push notifications

☑ winner = web push notifications

Open rate:
☑ winner = web push notifications

☑ winner = web push notifications


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