A Day in the Life of an Android Developer [Interview]

See what it’s like working as an Android Developer at ReachMobi in Bonita Springs, Florida! We sat down with Vilma Un Jan to talk about what the job entails, some of the benefits, and some of the challenges.

Tell me a little about your position and what you do on a day-to-day basis:

I work on the Android development of my team’s product. We have daily stand up meetings where we sync up with other developers on our tasks of the day and receive feedback that helps me solve my tasks. Mainly, I spend my day coding features for our app, release new updates to the play store, and monitor stats to make sure our features are working as intended for our users. 

What do you like best about your job?

I like our working environment because is friendly and open. We share a space with other companies, so there are common areas where we can decompress with things like a pool table, a game room, and comfy chairs to relax. Also, I value having the support of my coworkers whenever I feel stuck on a coding problem.

Are there any challenges in your job?

I would say that every day there is a challenge simply because that’s usually the life of a programmer. It is also what keeps me motivated to keep learning, and I’m never bored or having to do the same thing every day.

Looking back on your first day to now, how have you evolved in your current job? How have you evolved as a person?

I think I have learned a lot since day one at ReachMobi. This is my first developer job after graduating last year and I’ve improved my programming skills while enjoying my work environment.

How did your education or past experiences prepare you for this role?

Getting an education in Software Engineering has helped a lot. I explored Android development for school projects and that’s how I got involved with writing Android apps. In doing this, I was able to jump right into this role at ReachMobi…it was a great fit!

What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?

Don’t be afraid to apply to ReachMobi! We have great opportunities here and you are for sure going to learn a lot at the company. Also, just go ahead and start developing Android apps as side projects, it is the best way to truly learn and be familiar with it.

A Career with ReachMobi

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