What is a Content Studio Leader? [Interview]

“ReachMobi is far from a typical workplace. To get a better understanding of just how different of a workplace culture the company has, we sat down with Morgan and Mark, two of our Content Studio Managers, to get a feel for what they do and how it differs from other companies.

The Content Studio

To start, we ask about what the “content studio” meant to them. Morgan, a Content Studio Manager, answers, “It’s kind of funny, the way you’re putting it makes it sound so distant and different. It’s really just the way we work. It’s a concept, it’s the way we divide our business.”

Mark, a Content Studio Manager for ReachMobi, adds, “There’s the products we offer, like apps and launchers, and each of them has an umbrella, if you will, which is the content studio. Each studio manages its own product, and almost acts like its own little company within the company.”

“It’s got a lot to do with entrepreneurial spirit”
– Morgan, Content Studio Manager

Morgan tells us. “It’s about developing long-term strategy naturally, and helping our people naturally fill out leadership roles. It’s a shot at a real-life crucible to prove yourself and your product.”


We ask Mark and Morgan what they think the most important fields of expertise for someone to become a content studio head are.

Morgan is quick to tell us, “Anyone who wants to lead needs to be a fast learner. Having knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, of pretty much every part of the business, is required. I think it’s most important that any candidate is analytical and has a great grasp on data.”

“I think that’s all true, and I think being direct, being aggressive in how you market your product is also important,” Mark says. “It’s worth noting that this position is largely about developing our people to be the best they can be. We’re all about building our employees up, and the content studio is a huge part of that.”

The Competitive Edge

Finally, we ask Mark and Morgan what they find most rewarding about their positions as content studio heads.

Mark begins, “For me, it’s about the competition. It’s not a secret that I’m competitive: I want our products to be the best. I want my team’s products to be the best. The satisfying thing, for me, is celebrating the big win when we crush our competitors.”

Morgan tells us that, for her, “Growing the business is the biggest reward. The success alone is what drives me. I love to think ahead of the data, pull the relevant information from it, and use that to get us ahead and grow our business.”

“We’re all about building our employees up, and the content studio is a huge part of that.”
– Mark, Content Studio Manager

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