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ReachMobi is a US-based digital marketing and advertising company, headquartered in Philadelphia and with offices in Florida and other states. One of our biggest focuses, as a company, is on our employees. Today we’re going to be focusing on our internship program, and, specifically, one of our employees who joined the company via an internship.

We spoke with Edgar Meruvia Garron, an alum of Florida Gulf Coast University and recipient of the 2019 Software Engineering Student of the Year award, about his internship with the company. Edgar expressed his love for the work he was able to do as an intern, and the opportunities it afforded him with the company.

“Humble” Beginnings

Edgar was a busy guy before he even began his internship. As a software engineering student at FGCU, he often helped his classmates with their coding work, graded assignments and participated in the annual Hackathon events. Through one of these events, Edgar was introduced to ReachMobi, where he quickly became interested in trying out an internship.

Speaking about the internship opportunity, Edgar stated: “The best part about the internship, for me, was the balance. I wasn’t expected to do full-time work, I was an intern first, and I really appreciated that. They worked with my schedule. It was flexible.” Edgar went on to speak about the workplace culture.

“If I had a question about something, the team was quick to help me. But, if I had a solution that they hadn’t thought of, my voice would be heard. I never felt like I didn’t have a say, and that was great.”

Transition to the Company

Following Edgar’s internship and graduation from FGCU, ReachMobi offered him a full-time job as an Android Software Engineer. (Check out our latest career openings!) Edgar says he was more than happy to accept the offer. “The team allowed me to start small as an intern but work my way up to the full product, and I was really enjoying the work and the culture.” When asked what about ReachMobi’s culture drove him to stay on board, he elaborated.

“The work-life balance is great. If we’re working really hard and need to blow off some steam, we head downstairs and play some ping-pong,” Edgar says through a few chuckles. “Or, after work we can all head to a local place and get some drinks.”

On the Work

It’s not all play, though. Edgar says he loves the work, too. “I’m always working on something cutting-edge and new. I feel like I’m constantly being challenged, but in a good way. The work is always something new and something exciting.” The team’s coordination was another big selling point.

“We’re always communicating, and everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration. It’s about how we can solve problems, first. If you know how to solve the problem, it doesn’t matter if you’re an intern, your word will be heard.”

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