ReachMobi Leadership on the Importance of Employee Engagement

ReachMobi is a company that is dedicated to the idea of employee engagement. That’s not just something we say to make ourselves feel good, either: it’s how our company operates. In order to get a better feel for ReachMobi’s attitude towards employee engagement, we sat down with the company’s CEO, Chris Barton, and the Vice President of Mobile Products, Jon Forbes, to get their take on the matter.

What Employee Engagement Means

We started by asking what employee engagement means for Chris and Jon. Chris clarifies that employee engagement has a lot to do with the company culture. He goes on, stating that “internal transparency, ownership and entrepreneurship” are some of the core values of the company. Individual workers are able to see their work matter, impact the real products in the field, and celebrate victories with everyone.

Chris goes on to say that work for ReachMobi can often feel more fulfilling due to the nature of the products we create. For instance, our products are for the consumer, first and foremost, and so they enrich the consumers’ lives. This is something everyone can get behind, and since we’re so data-driven and results-oriented, everyone in the company can make a positive impact on the business, no matter what position they’re in.

Work Hard, Play Hard

ReachMobi is a very interesting place to work, as Chris will tell you. “We’ll have movies on in the background. There’s a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, there’s beers in the fridge. We want people to be able to step back from big problems and relax for a second before tackling them again. Also, we want everyone to have something to celebrate the big wins with.”

This isn’t to say that every day is a party, but it shows how different the workplace culture is at ReachMobi from some other places. The work is fast-paced: someone could have a great idea on their morning commute, start workshopping it before lunch, and have it live and in the consumers’ hands by the end of the day. In short, “we work hard, we play hard.”

Pushing for Success

“We don’t want people to plateau,” Jon reassures, “and we want to make sure that everyone is able to forge their own path to success. If we feel like someone is hitting that plateau, we’ll take steps to help push them along: employee growth is key to the success of the company.”

Chris agrees, adding “We want everyone to be always improving. We want everyone to have an equal chance to succeed and make their own path to success.” The workplace culture is centered on results, on pushing everyone to be their best, and on celebrating everyone’s victories.

We’re in it Together

“We’ve got a policy: no drama, no ego, no jerks,” Chris half-jokes, “because in this line of business you’ve got a lot of very strong-willed, self-assured and self-made entrepreneurial people. Egos are a concern. But we set that aside because three people are going to get more work done than two, and so on.

“We’re surrounded by strong people here. If we get all of these strong, smart people moving in one direction, we’ll rock. We’ll get so much more done. That’s why our company culture is the way it is, and that’s why it’s so important.”

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