Improve Your Data Monetization by Connecting with Passionate Audiences

The Internet offers a myriad of places to advertise, but the highest conversions come from taking your advertisements to dedicated and passionate audiences. Using content-driven strategies and people-based connections, you can take your advertising results and data monetization to increased heights.

Content-driven and in context

Tantamount to the success of your advertising is where you show it and whom you show it to. Relevancy is key. Context is everything.

Show your advertising where it doesn’t fit, and it can lead to people not liking your brand, where something as simple as checking out your company has become too annoying. However, showcase your brand in the right context, where it is relevant and helpful – and you become wanted and welcomed addition.

For these reasons, utilizing a strategy of content-driven advertising is how you place your advertising in context. This makes the crucial difference necessary for connecting with passionate audiences.

People-based connections

People-based marketing isn’t just a new buzzword, it’s a new reality. It gives marketers the opportunity to immerse their brand in relevant content or a community, where it becomes part of it. These people-based connections not only bring brands receptive prospects, it also builds loyal and repeat customers. People who are eager for your communications.

People-based marketing

The next step in people-based marketing is to use data to target your ideal customers. Rather than use cookie-based approaches, gather data from audiences on content sites and build profiles of ideal customers based on their behaviors, demographics, location, interests and more.

You can also use your existing customer data to create “look-alike” audiences. This is where you build models of your “ideal customer” from your existing data, and use it to match up with customers who have similar data attributes, of whom you will target on content sites.

In other words, you are prequalifying people you are showing your advertising to, and those are people who are most likely to be passionate about your offer or brand.

Content-driven strategies

Marketers are expanding their efforts away from solely focusing on social media sites and applying people-based marketing at content sites, leveraging a content-driven strategy.

In a content-driven strategy, you focus your advertising towards specific content sites that offer unique and engaged audiences. Further, you most likely will only target specific audience segments or individuals at that content site. Your advertisements can be shown within specific categories and within a context that makes it highly relevant to users.

Precision targeting

Using a people-based marketing approach, you target specific users, based on data, who have demonstrated a proclivity that pre-qualifies them as being highly likely to engage with your brand. What this does is move your advertising away from broad approaches to only showing your advertisements to select prospects who are most likely to respond to your offer. These may be people who have shown interest or made purchases of products like yours, or who have been shopping recently for similar products or even who have purchased from you or a competitor in the past.

These are only a few of the many potential targeting options. Additional targeting options can include demographics, location, behaviors and contextual factors.

Putting the right people with your products

What this approach ultimately involves is, pairing the right people with your products. That process is a matter of prequalifying prospects through advanced targeting methods. This is where massive databases containing a large storehouse of consumer profiles are put to work to perfect the art of precision targeting.

ReachMobi: Powerhouse data targeting

ReachMobi operates such a database as described above. With their own proprietary targeting algorithms, ReachMobi leverages a database of more than 1.5 billion consumer profiles. This massive engine is able to run more than 20 billion calculations per day, giving them the ability to target prospects – each individual prospect – with unique, personalized and engaging offers. Utilizing these industry-leading targeting capabilities, ReachMobi has mastered the art of data monetization.

The enormous size of ReachMobi’s database engine is due, in part, to the fact that ReachMobi has been specializing in this particular marketing specialty longer than anyone else. This is what gives ReachMobi massive reach and very robust targeting.

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